Quad VPN Solution

Quad VPN solution is build for VoIP Call Termination. This Solution is a best bandwidth optimization service which can reduce bandwidth usage up to 85% in VOIP termination. This implies that now the vendors can convey enhanced execution of their calling service with much minor bandwidth cost. You can run VOIP termination in totally blocked locations. It works like a safe tunnel. There is no requirement to purchase or set-up costly hardware because we provide completely Hosted Solution for you. You simply pay an ostensible expense for what you utilize. It works at any Internet (3g/ ADSL/ DSL/ Sat and so on).

After installing and starting the VPN services this panel gives you the full authority to manage the VPN services. You can start/stop VPN services and asterisk server services. You can view the ups and downs of Internet and can see the real-time CDR reports. In this solution we use secure VPN topology to reduce the third party interruption to receive any data exchanged. Security is more prominent in this solution with added advantage of reduced bandwidth consumption of VoIP gateways used for VoIP calls termination. It compresses voice media packets between two Asterisk server using CODEC’s conversion and hence reduces total bandwidth consumption by 60 – 80% of total bandwidth. This solution comes with a web panel user login which will provide complete details about the setup, licensing, and reports of the operation of this solution. Our main objective is to minimize the Bandwidth usage on client side, while having good quality of voice media.

We are implementing a kind of bandwidth compression system which will boost up to 60-80% than usual SIP calls from Server 2 to Server 1. Server 2 = Asterisk server Server 1 = Asterisk Client server


  • Easily Manageable/User Friendly Solution: You can start or restart or stop the VPN services and the asterisk server services. You can view the ups and downs of Internet at the top of the panel.
  • Graphical Report: You can view CDR report based on ASR/ACD of all destinations over the globe on daily or hourly basis in graphical form.
  • Sip Device Management: In this module, we define which ip device is our sip device. You can easily view and manage the sip devices with their name, ipaddress, port numbers and user agent.
  • System Management: In system module, we define static ip of currently running network and their hardware addresses and display the brief description of that network.
  • Information about Network: In network info module, all the devices ip which are used in currently running network added in to system. You can identify the local computer’s ips and sip device’s ips here.
  • Real-time CDRs: You can view and track the currently running calls details with number, caller id, start time and duration.
  • Statical Report: You can view CDR details as daily basis, hourly basis and destination wise in tabular form. Advanced custom filters are available to search relevant data.