Rate Manager



Rate Management Application is developed to compute rates of various destinations which belong to the various suppliers. This application gives more detailed information on rates in a table form which helps client to evaluate rates by choosing LCR Routing effortlessly on specific destination. This application gives few custom filter channels to get more important information effectively.

Compute LCR

We are providing complete lcr computation respective of destination group of all countries. LCR will be in increasing order one basis of Rate. Minimum LCR takes first place and so on. You can analyze the minimum rates provided by any suppliers for a particular destination as in the SupplierName/Rate format. For example, The “Botswana Mobile” destination has minimum rates as follows:

  25a/0.0292     11a/0.0349     20a/0.0380     18a/0.0390     24a/0.0395 Here 25a is a supplier and 0.0292 is a rate for the “Botswana Mobile” destination  


  • Easy and flexible rate analysis: This application offers more definite information on rates in a table formation which helps user to compare rates to choose lcr routing easily on particular destination.
  • Supplier management along with offer rates: Easily manage and view the listing of all suppliers. You can add new supplier and edit suppliers from the frontend forms and upload supplier’s rate in a very easy way.
  • Regular master code sheet updation: You can add all your destinations by uploading one master sheet.
  • Faster supplier rate sheet upload: You are able to add rates of supplier by uploading rate sheet in a faster way.
  • Real-time LCR computation: We are providing complete lcr computation respective of destination group of all countries.
  • Destination management along with dial codes: Able to view and manage all Countries, Dial codes, Destination Groups, Prefixes and Destinations and available easily upload faculty through Bulk Insert.
  • Easy sorting and filtration on reports: This application provides some custom filters to fetch more relevant data easily. You can do filtering by country wise, destination wise, and/or supplier wise.
  • Bulk upload facility for fast data insertion: It supports robust bulk upload feature with numerous data entry at a time. You can upload numerous counties with their destination group.
  • Proper error reporting with bulk upload: You can easily analysis the errors of bulk upload through the error reporting feature. You can also download error sheet related to a particular rate file.