Retail Switch



Retail Soft-Switch is a complete media proxy and routing and it merges all VOIP Services in one System. Softswitch is application build for doing as an administration change which helps to handle the associations at the connection point of conventional Community Turned Phone System and VoIP systems. It’s used for creating a link by connecting PSTN to Web Networks as well as supervises the visitors. Gventure’s Softswitch is one such application which depends on the SIP and totally suitable with the modern VoIP technical innovation. VoIP Switch is developed for managing the wide range of pack system cautions.


There is no doubt that today VoIP is taking over the telecom sector, and every month increases penetration into services and industries. Retail VoIP solution business is believed to be one of the profitable VoIP solution businesses as it gives unlimited scope in dealing with Routing, DID’s, Payment, Billing and Report Generation functionalities. We created a 100% customize-able retail platform, enriched with tools and features that support easy monitoring and management of modules such as: Dashboard, DID management, Rate management, Tariff and destination management, Payment management, Report, User management, Switch settings, Routing Management, Supplier/Carrier management, Calling card.


  • Graphical Report: You can see CDR report as a whole and a destination wise in graphical form as per various parameters such as minutes/connect, attempt/connect, minutes sharing over globe, etc.
  • Statical Report: You can view real time CDR report as date wise and supplier wise in tabular form. Advanced filter is available to search relevant data.
  • Reseller Management: You are able to create and manage several resellers.
  • Rate Management: You can easily manage rates according to different tariff which assign to different reseller and supplier.
  • Payment management: You can easily do whole payment management of different reseller and supplier by using this panel.
  • Supplier/Carrier Management: You are able to create and manage several suppliers.
  • Easy Routing: You can perform routing easily by choosing supplier for passing calls and set priority of suppliers for a particular destination.
  • Switch Configuration: You can define the upper and lower limit of call’s minutes so panel will draw the graphical pattern of CDR reports accordingly. In which we can define switch Ips and can add report link by which we can see the report of that particular destination.
  • Real-time Report: You can see real-time CDRs reports of all reseller according to different destination on daily basis. Various custom filters are available.