Vsecure Panel:

Vsecure is specially designed for VOS management and monitor. Vsecure is an advanced application provided by Gventure which offers advanced security to VOS Switch Data. Vsecure ensure most reliable and cost effective solution that can assist entrepreneurs to develop as a giant global carrier in the VoIP business world. Vsecure panel where you are able to do invoicing, billing, can see CDR reports and manage users. Multiple user login, multilevel users (resellers, and clients) support, User-friendly Interface, Accurate Invoicing and Billing, Real-time CDRs and Graphical Report Representation features are some of the core competencies of Vsecure panel.

Vsecure gives full administration of VOS Switch and Billing Data. This application is develop to oversee VOS Switch Data as per various supplier or client. This application gives more particular information of supplier or client in view of their IPs. This application gives a superior IP administration. This application gives distinctive sorts of reports in a tabular form which helps client to compare CDR information of various suppliers and clients. This application offers some advanced filters to get more related information effortlessly.


  • Anti Hacking Login: We provide two way securities through Ip restriction and blocking/unblocking features.
  • Graphical Representation of CDRs: You can see CDR reports in graphical format as per various parameters such as minutes/connect, attempts/connect, and/or calls failed on destinations, etc.
  • User Management: You are able to create and manage several types of users. There is easier process is available to handle multi-level reseller.
  • Ip Management: You can easily do IP management of each supplier or customer.
  • Session & Log management: You can see session’s details easily.
  • Account/Billing Management: You are able to manage invoice, dispute and payments.
  • Compute Invoices: Real-time invoice computation is available and you can generate invoice in pdf format.
  • Rate Management: You can easily manage rates according to different destinations groups.
  • Real-time CDRs: You can see real-time reports of suppliers and clients separately.