Voip Solutions

VOIP Solutions

Our professionals have been providing excellent, efficient technological innovation solutions to our valuable customers for over two decades. Let us help you style and apply a way of your company that will give you a competitive advantage. These days, it is essential that your telecoms solutions develop rapidly to provide the continuous move in the tidal gusts of wind of change. We will help you develop a network that will develop with your company, secure your facilities, your usage, and income sources. Call Development Telecommunications Services today. Our experienced and friendly professionals offer top display service. We conserve your funds and efficiency, using our impressive technique of modern style, assessment, and technological innovation selection. We offer on-site and distant support for maximum reaction to any situation. Our goal for you is to estimate changing needs and prepare for them before a problem occurs. We style infrastructures that allow you to develop with ease and balance.

Gventure plans to offer affordable, fully entertaining and personalized telecommunications alternatives utilizing the latest technology to ensure the clients receive the very best roi. The company is designed to help you to enhance your company by designing out the most sophisticated above alternatives backed by impressive communication technology to encourage your company community. Gventure offers an amazing suite of Voice over Online Protocol (VoIP) Application that are the standard of technical excellence. It delivers innovative above goods and solutions for PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC and PC-to-PC communications which consist of Softphone, Mobile Dialers, Softswitch, VoIP Billing and many more.

Gventure Telecom Product

Gventure All in One

Gventure considers in providing its clients with innovative technology alternatives that integrate the performance with improved style and comfort in order to develop up great business globally.

Gventure Softswitch

Gventure Softswitch with complete media proxy and routing. Combines all VOIP Services all in one System. Gventure’s Softswitch is one such application which depends on the SIP and totally suitable with the modern VoIP technical innovation. VoIP Switch is developed for managing the wide range of pack system cautions. Retail VoIP solution business is believed to be one of the profitable VoIP solution businesses as it gives unlimited scope in dealing with Routing, DID’s, Payment, Billing and Report Generation functionalities.

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Gventure IPPBX System

Vesure is an advanced application provided by Gventure Technology which provides management of VOS CDR Data and invoices. This application is build to manage VOS CDR Data according to different supplier or customer. This application gives more specific information of supplier or customer based on their IPs. This application provides a better IP management. This application gives different types of reports in a tabular form which helps user to compare CDR data of different suppliers and customers. This application provides some advanced filters to fetch more relevant data easily.

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Gventure VPN Softphone (BETA)

In this solution we use secure VPN topology to reduce the third party interruption to receive any data exchanged. Security is more prominent in this solution with added advantage of reduced bandwidth consumption of VoIP gateways used for VoIP calls termination. It compresses voice media packets between two Asterisk server using CODEC’s conversion and hence reduces total bandwidth consumption by 60 – 80% of total bandwidth. This solution comes with a web panel user login which will provide complete details about the setup, licensing, and reports of the operation of this solution. Our main objective is to minimize the Bandwidth usage on client side, while having good quality of voice media.

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Gventure Broadcast Dialer

Voice broadcasting application gives you the facility to send voice messages to client’s phones (land lines or mobile phones) in the bulk form, to one or numerous leads records, at the touch of a button. Our simple to-utilize voice informing campaign system in Voice Broadcasting application gives a easy way to upload voice messages as follows: Online upload through MP3 format. We make it easy to oversee refined voice broadcasting campaigns from idea to conveyance in only a couple of basic steps. You can track the accomplishment of your voice messaging campaigns by presentation of our online real-time reports

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Gventure Rate Manager

Rate Management Application is developed to compute rates of various destinations which belong to the various suppliers. This application gives more detailed information on rates in a table form which helps client to evaluate rates by choosing LCR Routing effortlessly on specific destination. This application gives few custom filter channels to get more important information effectively.

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Gventure IVR System

Gventure's IVR Program is a technological innovation that performs communications with Telephone callers. Businesses are progressively turning towards the IVR Program to reduce the cost of common sales, assistance, selections, question and support calling to and from their company.

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Gventure Call Center Plugin

Gventure creates Contact Center Software with complete functionality for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns. The all-inclusive solutions for contact centers are ideal for different business processes such as customer support, telemarketing and sales, collections, technical support, marketing research and helpdesk.

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