Website Development

Website Development

Web growth has to have a purpose of enhancing your organization efficiency and profitability.

At Gventure, we offer unique web app growth alternatives to companies managing worldwide. We make solid web programs with innovative after sales structure and the most user-friendly Customer User interface. We research and understand the end customers, which allow us in developing and creating programs they can easily correspond with.

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We adhere to a Customer interface Motivated Strategy (IDA) to all web app growth. We develop the structure and UI model of the complete program, which gives our venture stakeholders the feel of the whole app without us even composing a single piece of rule. This allows us collect specific specifications and objectives, which we use to develop the product further.
Our specialized abilities in creating Web 2.0 and Business 2.0 applications consist of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), ASP.NET / SQL Hosting server, Bootstrap Structure for Front-end Development, Amazon AWS and HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery. We adhere to MVC design on all growth tasks to make sure sturdiness, extensibility and modularity of our rule. CodeIgniter and CakePHP are the most widely used MVC frameworks used by our web app developers.

Our programming requirements are well laid-out and our designers totally adhere to them. Some of the key factors include:

  • Optimal Commenting
  • Clean Rule with perfect Indentation
  • Appropriate Labeling Conventions
  • Optimized Issues and DB (Not really normalized)
  • Caching where necessary
  • Minified Programs and Sprite Images
  • Complete Descriptive Designer Documentation
  • Version Management and observance